My Most Recent Photo Shoots

1Well I have been quite a busy little bee for some time now shooting many different events, weddings and even a few of my favorite models.  I am most certainly grateful for all the wonderful opportunities that have come my way.  I shot a wedding on the weekend that was absolutely spectacular from shimmy center pieces to a lavish 6’ cake.  Nothing like I had ever seen or had the luxury of shooting.  The bride dazzled in all rhinestone sequin gown which I shot from every angle possible. It was such a delight in having the opportunity to witness such an extravagant wedding.

I started photography more as a hobby but it launched me in a whole new path and career. My determination to become a great photographer excelled even more with the opportunities that came about. And how everyone loved my work and used for their own purposes which ended showcasing my work to thousands of people.  I knew that the competition would be fierce especially as a startup photographer so I tagged along professional photographers as assistant as I build my portfolio.  I started off with offering clients cheaper packages as a new comer and made sure to meet with them as much as possible to make them feel comfortable.  Since I was new I wanted them to feel at ease and not feel afraid. They were over all very pleased with my professionalism and I offered quality work.

2I  have also shot events, birthdays, club scenes and models for various online clothing stores such as Secret Corset which was definitely very exciting and a little intimidating. Shooting such beautiful models had me fearing a little but after meeting many of them it was amazing to see just how sweet they were. Starting with the lovely brunettes to the very charming blondes. My main focus was to make sure the quality of the images was up to high standard. That the lighting matched up with the coordination of the room. It was pretty much easy after that, although I had have to wait a little in between for the Costume changes. From the cute Santa’s Little helper Christmas costume to the micky mouse Halloween costume. The outfits were very well made and truly stunning. I was able to catch so much depth and contrast in every picture bringing colors to life. Showstopping results I truly couldn’t wait to drop my disc into photoshop where all the magic began. They had it all and it was my pleasure shooting it all.  I had a wonderful time and took some amazing images that got used and they asked me to come back for more work which is never a bad thing.

It was a great experience and well worth it.  I have added even more wonderful images to my portfolio thus making me feel really good about starting 2014. It started off wonderful and hoping it stays that way.

So as you can see I have been pretty busy doing what I love and I wouldn’t change it for anything in this world. Dreams really do come true when you believe and go for what your heart desires.

Shooting Sexy Dresses and Other Products

1Product Photography is a love many people acquire along the way. Many even wonder how online stores are able to shoot such lovely models and have all the perfect images or sexy lingerie such as the great ones on Orchid Dreams.  Where you will find flawless images, lighting and crisp high resolution quality. Well it all starts with having the proper equipment. You may have different requirements depending on what kind of product you are shooting. The most important thing you will need is a great lense and a fast lense. The lighting is also very critical for shooting professional product or object or model.  The background will determine the end result and attractiveness of your photo.  As this will be present and main focal point in your photo. If you are shooting dark product that best background that would work is a white one as this will help your product pop out of the picture. Many choose to shoot with a white background for clean well lit images.  Also, a white background photo will be easier to work with using Photoshop.

The lighting is a key element to shooting beautiful pictures.  Good lighting will illuminate your photos leaving them breathtaking. This will help you avoid harsh shadows that will ruin the end result when it comes to your photo. This is can also make your photo and product look inexpensive. Flash is very helpful when it comes to product shooting to create lots of brightness and to avoid shadows.

2Next, it would be great to find the best suitable angle for your object or product.  Professional photographers tend to use the simple angle technique when shooting an object. When shooting try to zoom in as close as possible to get many different shots. Do however avoid strange angles as this will ruin your end result.

These are just a few simple basic steps to shooting products for beginners.  You can always join classes, take a course and get some professional schooling for shooting products.  Another great way is to attend a workshop where it’s also hands on which might be more helpful. Sometimes doing something is better than just learning about it.  You can make mistakes and learn from them as opposed to just trying to memorize.  Photography can be fun and professional for those seeking to take it to the next level.

So when you see those beautiful images plastered in a magazine or on your favorite online store or website just knows that these aren’t just point and shoot shots.  They are well thought out, rehearsed and planned photo shoots.  Starting with the lights to the background to the model or object.  It just takes patience in order to capture that perfect image.


SLR Digital Cameras

1If you are currently searching to buy a camera and keep running into a thing called SLR Camera series. You may even notice that the prices are much higher for these cameras then the regular compact ones.  They may even be bulkier in size and seem to need a variety of bigger lenses then you are used to. You might even be wondering whether these cameras are worth the much higher price tag.

To clarify any questions you may have regarding these cameras, simply put SLR stand for “Single Lense Reflex”.  A mirror inside the optical view finder captures the image. When you are shooting a photo with an SLR camera light simply passes through the lense onto a mirror focusing it onto a screen. When you press the button when taking a picture shutter opens up exposing the sensor to light.

There are many advantages to having an SLR camera over a compact one. One is that the optical viewfinder will show you exactly what your image will look like with no lag time and especially work amazing on moving objects such as in sports etc. Taking a picture in low lighting allows the shutter of your camera to stay open longer gathering in more light for better results and images. Though if there is any movement on your object this normally results in blurry images.  A great thing about SLR cameras is that they have a thing called ISO which is great when it comes to lighting.  You can adjust and take shots in any lit atmosphere to gain great images. For darker settings you can bring the ISO higher and in very well light scenes you can bring it down.  High ISO though in badly lit rooms produces grainy images. So it’s better to shoot in good lighting. Many times grainy images are produced when you are setting your ISO higher than 800.

Another great thing about SLR cameras is that you can change lenses depending on what or who you are shooting. You got lenses where you can shoot close ups, to far away telephoto lenses. For instance when shooting landscape you would use a different lense than when shooting close-ups like insects and as such.  There are many types of lenses available in different mm, the 50 which is good for closer shots and the 200mm which are great for far distance shooting which are also called telephoto lense and can capture movement. They are great for shooting sports or anything moving.

If you are interested in buying a small camera that will fit into your pocket than an SLR camera is definitely not for you. It all depends on what you need the camera to shoot, is it action shots and low lit settings or just point and shoot. So it might be worth the money if you are shooting for a purpose rather than just for fun.  As SLR cameras and lenses can be bulky and used mostly by photographers or those who love to shoot nature and so on.


Shooting Autumn Leaves

1Colorful fall foliage is truly wonderful but capturing the essence of autumn colors is key. When it comes to shooting autumn leaves and wanting to capture all the wondrous colors there are many great techniques that can be used in doing so.

With the new digital cameras it has become extremely fun taking pictures outdoors especially nature and autumn related decadents. New digital cameras make it very easy to snap shots and play them back to see if you have captured the shot you were looking for. You can always reshoot to get that perfect shot.

The good thing about capturing such moments is pure art in its form. These are memories that will be with you for a long time. You will be able to work on the images in your choice of touchup software as well as you can show them to others.

During the autumn season it is great to shoot outdoors as it is a true inspiration. There is so much to be shot and kept. The world is in your hands at this point. The leaves, trees and all the fallen foliage.

You can choose to shoot esthetic pleasant pictures or you can go for natural nature shoot and achieve photos insects, foliage or maple trees etc.

2Best ways of capturing what you are trying to achieve can be done in so many ways such as:

When it comes to autumn shooting you can choose to concentrate and shoot one color or you can combine many colors. Choose scenic locations. Pick out individual naturist spots. You can shoot leaves by themselves or combine with rocks, water, stones etc. When you are editing in your software feel free to add rain if you can’t catch them in your shots.  Basically gather whatever you can related to autumn.

Shooting is Art and you can capture the essence of every moment. Anytime, anyplace and just about anywhere.

There are various of shooting where your digital camera will come in handy. It will enable you to choose various options capturing every scene. For example you can shoot amazing close ups with the macro function. You can use the wide angle shoots to shoot more of the scene rather than just small pieces. You can use a telephoto lense to shoot from far but capture a big image. Feel free experiment with different settings such as color contrasts and as such where you can snap some very wonderful pictures.

As you can see, autumn is a beautiful time of the year and with a digital camera in hand you can capture images and moments you can turn into true art. You can always Print out the most memorable and colorful shots and mount them on your wall displayed for all your friends to see.  You might be surprised to know some may not even believe you were the one who took that picture. Let your inhibitions run wild with photography, the essence and beauty of art revels in mystery.


Shooting Nature with an SLR Camera


When you are shooting nature it is important to choose the right SLR camera and lense. It’s what you do with the camera that is most important rather than the equipment that you are using. If you are planning on shooting through a jungle it would make sense to bring a camera with you that is light such as the Nikon. They are wonderful cameras to shoot nature and are not too heavy which means you can shoot all day without a hassle. If you are simply planning on shooting nature for fun then you can purchase a cheaper SLR which will still give you amazing results.  For those seeking higher results and if shooting for a magazine or submission then maybe you would be inclined to shoot with a higher resolution camera.

When deciding to shoot in the wilderness it is important to shoot with a camera with a wow factor and result. The Nikon SLR cameras have tremendous lighting and high resolution pixels built inside for outstanding images and results. A 300mm lense is magnified to 450mm due to the Nikon’s magnification.

No one can really tell you what lense to buy or which one is the right one.  It all really depends on what you are shooting and the purpose.  It all depends on the photos you like, your preference and whether you are planning on selling those pictures.

A great thing about Nikon cameras is that you are able to use older lenses on the newer body should you decide to upgrade.  Meaning you can get amazing lenses for unbelievable affordable prices. You are able to buy high quality 300mm lenses for $350 which feature precise optical color correction and dispersion. The glass produces, clear, crisp sharp images.  The 50mm which is superb sells for roughly around $160 providing you with high quality images for a great price.

When shooting nature and wildlife you have to keep in mind you will be shooting close up images and far out action shots.  So why not bring along 2 different lenses so that you may shoot variety of pictures.  Not feel stuck with just the one as that will easily get boring.  A shutter speed is important in this case so it has to be the same distance as your lense. If you shooting anything more than a 300mm you will have to use a tripod to avoid blurry photos. Anything less in mm can be shot without as the images will stabilize and produce to your liking. A tripod is worth investing some money into as this will help stabilize your camera thus resulting in perfect shot pictures.

Shooting on Auto will be useful for those who are not professionals and this allows the camera to do the work for you.  As opposed to professionals who need to set the aperture in contrast to the location, lighting and scene being shot. When shooting nature Nikon SLR cameras are wonderful and affordable.  It also helps having a wonderful lense to help produce stunning magazine quality images.